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Passionate Wines by Matías Michelini

Location: Gualtallary, Uco valley, Mendoza, Argentina Map:
Web Site: http://passionatewine.com Latitude: -33.42, -69.25

"Passionate wine is a project in constant creative evolution. I am unable to stay seated for too long, nor could I rest on the laurels of a well-mande wine. This project is the medium through which I experiment new ideas about what wine is and how it can be made... Once I have made a wine I am satisfied with, I am inspired to create a new one, seeking out some new terroir, planting at ever-higher elevatons, or trying some different methiod of vinification. I think that a great wine must be born from a concept as much as from a place.


What remains unchanging throughout this enological journey is my admiration for nature and the way in which it reveals the character of a place through the medium of wine... this admiration necessitates a trust in the grape's natuve yeasts, a trust in the human hand to harvest the grapes from the vine, a faith in the ancient cycles of the cosmos and in the recurring forms of nature (hence the cement eggs in which I vinify my wines)... this solidarity with nature drives me to limit the use of sulphur dioxide, exclude any other product from the wine, and to exhibit the full expression of unfiltered wines.


These are personal wines which I make in limited editions as an expression of myself, of the place I live in, and of the people I live with. What is not consumed among my family and friends, or stored away for my children and their children, I share it with you."


Matías Michelini


Matías Michelini graduated with an Enology degree from the prestigious Escuela Vitivinícola Don Bosco in Mendoza, Argentina. 

Since very young he has worked in several of Mendoza's well-known wineries, including Luigi Bosca, Doña Paula and Finca Sophenia.

His current commitments as a winemaking consultant have allowed him to cultivate the abilities gained throughout his professional career, which has included harvests abroad.

Passionate Wines is Matias' personal endeavor, in which he focuses on the potential and expression of high-altitude wines.